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Sorting emails with Sieve Filtering (Viewed 195 times)
You can use Sieve filters to move messages into folders, mark them as read, forward it or even...
POP Vs. IMAP? (Viewed 2672 times)
IMAP and POP are the protocols that are used when downloading email from a mail server. Most mail...
Dealing with Spam (Viewed 3362 times)
All emails arriving in your mailbox are passed through generic spam and virus filters to remove...
How Do I Change A Password For An Email Account? (Viewed 2606 times)
The first step is to log into the management area of our website at DDNS. Look for the login in...
How Do I Change My Webmail Password? (Viewed 3478 times)
Go to DDNS and login to your account in the top right-hand corner of the site Click Products /...
How Do I Create An Email Address? (Viewed 4562 times)
This article describes how to create an email address on the server. You must do this before...
How Do I Forward An Email? (Viewed 3224 times)
This article describes how to forward a copy of your email or change the forwarding target....
How Do I Setup An Email Auto-Reply? (Viewed 3179 times)
You can set up an automatic response to any mail message coming to your email address....
What Are The SMTP Server Settings? (Viewed 6528 times)
The SMTP server settings below are used to send emails via our servers from external computer,...
How Do I Choose A Secure Password? (Viewed 4456 times)
If you are struggling to come up with a password, we suggest thinking of a phrase and taking...
How Do I Create A Mailing List? (Viewed 3545 times)
Mailing lists are handy if you intend to email a group of people on a regular basis. The number...
How Do I Create An Email Alias? (Viewed 2665 times)
This article describes how to create an email alias for an existing mailbox. An email alias is...
How Do I Send Emails From Applications via DDNS Servers? (Viewed 2558 times)
There are a number of ways you can configure your application to send mail via our systems....

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