How Do I Create An Email Alias?

This article describes how to create an email alias for an existing mailbox.

An email alias is another name for your mailbox. They are useful when you want to collect emails for both your own name and also your roll. As an example, your mailbox may be, but you may also be your company's accounts person and want emails sent to directed to you as well. Within reason, there is no limit to the number of email aliases you can create under your account. Be aware though that an address can not be an alias and a mail box at the same time, so you may need to remove an alias before you can create it as a mail box for use separately.

To create an email alias;

Log into your account at DDNS

  1. Click on Products / Services on the left-hand side once logged in
  2. Click Manage next to the account/domain you are working with
  3. Click Login To Plesk and a new window will load
  4. Click on the Mail tab
  5. Click on the mail box you want to edit, e.g.
  6. Click on the Email Aliases tab
  7. Type the alias you want into the box, you can add more by clicking the Add Alias button
  8. Enable or disable the service by checking or unchecking the tick box in the top left of the mail tab
  9. Click OK when done