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Renew Domains

Renew Domains

Renew your domain name today

To renew your domain name that is currently with DDNS simply login to your account and you can easily renew your domain name plus any other services that also happen to be due.

If you have received an invoice from DDNS via email you can pay your invoice here by entering the invoice number and the email address.

If you have a domain name with another provider then you can quickly transfer and renew simultaneously with DDNS.

Should you prefer to phone and pay your account please call us on 03 9815 6868. Renewing your domain names couldn't be easier.

Don't risk losing your domain names

Every day businesses could potentially lose control of one of their major assets by forgetting or ignoring to renew their domain name before it's too late. DDNS send out several email notices and reminders, however sometimes email addresses may have changed or client details may not have been updated in the year or so since the original registration.

If you forget to renew your domain for whatever reason and your domain name expires, your website and email will suddenly be inaccessible and this can affect your business. Any domain names held for brand protection if not renewed could quickly get snapped up by others including competitors. Renewing your domain names in a timely manner is important.

Update your contact details

It is very important to keep your contact details up to date, especially your email address.

If you are having trouble logging into your account please call us on 03 9815 6868 so we can assist you with updating your details.

We have the following payment options: Credit Card, BPay, Bank Deposit.