Copywriting Professional Services


“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter- it’s the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain, 1888.

For an industry where language is vital in ensuring greater business opportunities, individuals are more trusting of a service that delivers the right words every time. A clear and effective message to one or more of your audiences increases understanding and adds professionalism to your report, speech, advertisement or site.

Ensure your firm has the best chance of reaching out to its intended audiences with our copy writing service. We take pride in guaranteeing your writings are precise and flawless, containing no spelling or grammar errors. Never worry about the annoying red or green underlinings in Word again!


What we require from you

For generating new content or Rewriting existing content we require:

  1. The name and type of product or service
    This may be as specific as you require depending on what you wish to market.
    For example, marketing a particular brand and make of shoe, or a more general service like 'dry cleaning in Melton'.
  2. Main keywords associated with this product or service
    Keywords are points that are most associated with your product and or service provided above.
    They may also be part of the most commonly used phrases that people type in search engines to find your product.
    If you were a customer, what would you search for to find this product or service?
    Please provide a maximum of around 10-15 keywords.
    Keep it as focused and specific to your product or service as possible.


For rewriting we also require:

  1. The existing copy to fix
  2. Limited to approximately 200 words per item.

Some areas of keywords you may wish to consider:

1) Potential suburbs/ regions
2) Range of services/ products offered by your business
3) Relevant staff qualifications, experience, accreditation
4) Specific procedures, tools, equipment, methods your business utilises
5) What distinguishes your business from the rest

Example: Builder
1) Based in Altona, services all Metro/ Northern suburbs
2) All Residential, commercial, industrial properties
3) H.I.A accredited. Employs skilled tradesmen and apprentices
4) Deals with all designs, development, fittings, permits
5) Family owned and operated since 1950



We have two main rewriting services, namely copy rewriting and new copy services.

We offer a discounted pricing schedule based on the number of articles to be rewritten or written.

  1. Each article delivered to you shall be approximately 150 words.
  2. Existing copy article provided should be limited to 50-200 words.

Next step

  1. Firstly decide on whether you require new copy or existing copy to be rewritten.
  2. Decide on the number of articles required to be either rewritten or created.
  3. Provide the required information as detailed in What we require from you .


We have two main rewriting services, namely copy rewriting and new copy services.

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