This article explains how to manage folders in webmail, including creat, remove and hide.

Login to webmail

Click the Settings menu in top left and then click on Folders in the top right of the screen. You will now be presented with a list of the folders in your account.

To Create A Folder

In the top right you will see Create / Delete / Empty or click on the folder you wish to make a sub-folder on.

Select Create to make a new folder. 

To Delete A Folder

Click on the folder to remove.  In the top right you will see Create / Delete / Empty. 

Select Delete and the folder and its contents will be gone.

Subscribed & Hidden Folders

Each folder can either be subscribed or unsubscribed in Settings > Folders.  If you unsubscribe a folder by unticking / moving the slider, then the folder and its content will be invisible to the webmail client.