This article outlines how to export your Atmail Calendar and import it into Roudcube.

1. Requirements

  1. Valid email login into Atmail ( and Roundcube (
  2. A preexisting calendar in Atmail. This howto will use Private calendar as example.

2. Atmail

  1. Log into and go to Calendar page. Select Private calendar in click on the settings wheel/cog button at the bottom of the window with "Calendar Options" as tooltip.
  2. Allow Read Calendar Access to your email user, which is necessary for remote connection from Roundcube later. Then copy Calendar URL URL (not Principal URL!), e.g., this will be the remote calendar URL configured in Roundcube. Then click "Save Settings" button in the upper right corner.

3. Roundcube

  1. Log into and go to the Calendars page and click on the + button in the lower left corner to add a new calendar. Note: only remote CalDAV calendars can be added in Roundcube, in this case we'll connect to the Atmail Private calendar. In the "Create new calendar" window, Properties tab, enter:
    1. A name for the Atmail calendar in the Name textbox, e.g. "Exported Atmail Private".
    2. The calendar URL copied from Atmail in the CalDAV URL textbox.
    3. Move to the Authentication tab and enter your Atmail email login credentials, which are the same to the Roundcube ones. Then click Save button. Wait while Roundcube connects to the Atmail calendar and upon a subsequent window refresh you should now see the new "Export Atmail Private" calendar with its events displayed. Important! At this point you are connected to the remote calendar, now you need to export / import this calendar's events into your Personal Roundcube calendar.
  2. Select Export Atmail Private calendar and click on the Export button, then download the resulted .ics file.
  3. Click on Import button, browse to the file saved in the previous step, then in the Calendar drop-down select Personal as destination calendar for your imported events. Click import. Wait while the events are being uploaded and after the window is refreshed you should now see all Adi Atmail Private events duplicated in the Personal calendar.
  4. After verifying your events have been successfully imported you can delete Export Atmail Private calendar from Roudcube. Select it and click on the "More actions" wheel button at the bottom of the calendars page, then select Delete and confirm.