Web Statistics - How Can I Access Them?

This article explains where you can find detailed Web Statistics for your DDNS hosting account.

1. Login to your hosting account on our website DDNS

2. Click on Products / Services on the left-hand side

3. Click Manage next to the account you want to manage

4. Click Login To Plesk

5. Click on Websites & Domains tab

6. Click on Web Statistics which will load in a popout window.  You may need to allow popups in your browser if the page does not load for you.  Typically a message will appear briefly in your browser asking if you want to allow this site to load popups.  As its only loading your web statistics making a perminant exception should be ok.

7. If your statistics are secured behind a username and password then you will be prompted to enter them before proceeding.  Typically the login details will be the same as per your FTP username and password when the account was first created.  However, if you have changed your FTP details along the way the changes are not applied to the web stats.  If needed please follow the instructions here to re-set the login details.

If you need some help with what its telling you see Web Statistics Explained here