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SSL Certificates Compare SSL Certificates

Compare SSL Certificates

Multi-domain certificates are for multiple websites operated by the same company, for example a mail server. The certificates we offer here come pre-bundled with 2 or 4 SAN's and you can add more to the certificate when ordering.

Features Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV) PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV) PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain (EV)
Cost - 1 Year $199.00 $99.00 $375.00
Domains Secured in Base Certificate 5 3 3
Additional Domain/SAN Support
Additional Domain (4 inc by default) Max 250 Max 250 Max 250
Issue Speed 1-3 Days Minutes 3-10 Days
256-Bit Encryption
Domain Validation
Extended Validation of Company
Company Name Shown on Green Bar in Browser
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reissue Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Vendor Warranty $250,000 $10,000 $1,000,000