If you had an active hosting plan with DDNS before we began offering the free Weebly Web Builder, you can do the following to claim a trial of our free Weebly Web Builder:

Claim Free Weebly

Once claimed, we will simply create a staging site for you to try out at yourdomain.sites.ddns.com.au. Your original website will still remain live until you decide to publish the Weebly website you've designed.

Play around with our free trial or upgrade to a paid plan for more of Weebly's great features

You can continue to add content to the free trial website using the Weebly Site Editor or if you want more Weebly features, you can upgrade to a paid Weebly plan any time.

Take your time to ensure your website looks perfect before you decide to switch your current website to the Weebly site.

Make your Weebly Site LIVE

We will easily replace the current website with the content you have added using the Weebly Site Editor by publishing your work. It will simply replace the website currently attached to your domain.

Upgrade your Weebly plan to add more features at any time

Once your site is live, you can continue to improve and edit your site in the Weebly Site Editor and if you're looking for more features you can simply upgrade your paid Weebly plan to something more advanced without missing a beat.