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News WordPress platform - Wordpress Hosting

WordPress platform - Wordpress Hosting

WordPress platform - Wordpress Hosting
Jul 21st 2018

The WordPress platform is one of the most popular blog sites around. It is easy-to-use, continually updated and improved, and there are plenty of sources of support around for users to learn about its functionality. There is also the option of creating a fully functional website that utilises the WordPress backend so users can edit their website just like they always did with their WordPress blog. Discount Domain Name Services can get you started with a cheap hosting plan and all the security and support options you need. We recognise many people want the benefits of a full site, but with a Content Management System they already know and prefer.

Recently, DDNS was announced as the first registrar to be accredited by auDA as ISS Compliant, based on the ISO 27001 world standard.

As part of the Total Internet Group, we like to help both regional and metropolitan communities throughout Australia. Our initiatives include supporting the CGDN community and Entertainers Assist with a range of IT services.

Read more about our auDA certification here.