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Website Hosting - Cheap Australian Hosting

Website Hosting - Cheap Australian Hosting
May 17th 2018
Website hosting is very important.
When looking for website hosting the cheapest hosting is rarely good hosting. What you want is
the best website hosting at the best price. You can get this from Discount Domain Name Services (DDNS). We have listened to our customers and
when launching our new site we added some new website hosting packages that are cheaper plus our old hosting plans have been boosted.

Our hosting is in Australia which is important for Google. Google prefers Australian sites hosted in Australia. So don't go for really cheap hosting oveseas hosting when
you can have good cheap hosting in Australia with Discount Domain Name Services.
Our website hosting starts at $79 per year. Thats only $6.58 per month . Included in all our hosting packages is a free website builder so you can start building
a website straight away. If you have a site done in Wordpress or want to build a site in Wordpress , thats included too. Our hosting is in Australia and we own our hosting
infrastructure. We aim to replace our main Dell servers every 2-3 years. For you this is important as we continue to provide the best hosting service available on the latest
equipment. What this means for you is you sites will serve up faster.

If something happens to your site you can rely on us as with do backups for disaster recovery for up to 30 days. So don't go for the the cheapest hosting , go for good cheap
hosting that is Australian and reliable. Go with Discount Domain Name Services and you will benefit from receiving excellent hosting backed up by the professional service and a
knowledgable support team.
Support Australian and hosts with Discount Domain Name Services - DDNS