Are There Any Domain Name Registration Restrictions?

Australia /

ABN or ACN number




Brazil /

The applicant will need to have a presence inside Brazil:
A CNPJ number (Brazilian tax ID) or CPF number (Brazilian ID) will need to be provided as proof of the applicants Brazilian presence

Local Admin Contact Required.
Document that proves organisation is non-profit.



The applicant must have some type of connection to Canada:
either be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or Canadian company owner of Canadian trademark
Company name or Trademark MUST be a match for the domain name.


.cn / / /

Restricted. Must provide the following;

For a China based commercial entity or company;

  1. A copy of your Chinese Branch's Business License in China; and

  2. A copy of your Certificate of Organization Code in China if your Chinese Branch is registered with Chinese government; and

  3. A copy of Chinese Citizen National ID of the person who is the contact person of your Chinese Branch (Chinese Passport is not accepted)

For a Hong Kong based commercial entity or company;

  1. A copy of your Hong Kong Business Registration or Certificate of Incorporation document; and

  2. A copy of Hong Kong Citizen ID or Passport of the person who is the contact person of your Hong Kong Branch




Servers must be Registered with the registry (DK-Hostmaster)


.fr /

A .COM.FR domain can only be registered if the corresponding .FR domain hasn't already been registered.
Restricted. Must be/have;

  • French Company or

  • French Trademark Holder or

  • European Union Trademark Holder or

  • WIPO Trademark Holder







At least one of the listed contacts (Registrant, admin, tech) must be located in the Netherlands


Poland / / / .pl / /


Puerto Rico / / / / .pr



.tw /


Thailand /

Requires local contact
Applicants must be commercial entities which are either registered within Thailand
A foreign company may only apply, if it has a representative in Thailand and this local representative must itself be registered within Thailand

United Kingdom /