How Do I Create An Exchange 2003 CSR?

  1. Open the Internet Services Manager and right-click on Default Web Site (or the site hosting your OWA component.) Select Properties.

  2. Under the Directory Security tab, click Server Certificate.

  3. Click Next. Select Create A New Certificate and hit Next

  4. Select Prepare The Request Now, But Send It Later and hit Next.

  5. Enter a name for the certificate that you can identify on your server. Choose a bit-length of 2048. Leave the other boxed unchecked.

  6. Enter the full legal name of your company. Enter a department such as Security or IT in the organizational unit.

  7. Enter the fully qualified domain name of your Outlook Web Access (ex.  Note: If you are generating this for a wildcard certificate, use *

  8. Enter the location of your organization: Country, State, and City.

  9. Choose a file name and a location to save your Certificate Signing Requst (CSR). The file should be saved as a text file (.txt)

  10. Click Next to generate the file.

  11. Now open the CSR file using a text editor such as notepad and copy/paste the text (including the BEGIN and END tags) into the order form.