What Brute Force Protection (BFP) Does DDNS Use?

To prevent or at least reduce the risk of brute force attacks on various services such as email & FTP, we use a brute force password protection system.

We have now introduced support for the fail2ban plugin for WordPress. Protecting your WordPress site is as simple as entering fail2ban into the plugin search area of WordPress, then select and install WP fail2ban plugin from the list. Once activated you will be protected, with no configuration necessary.

Simular plugins for other CMS packages can be added on request by emailing support@ddns.com.au

After a certain amount of attempts, the attacker will no longer be able to authenticate. This protection is necessary as there are literally thousands of attempts made every day to gain access to people's accounts. A first time offender will get banned for a few minutes, but repeated or more severe attacks will get your IP banned for days or weeks.

If there have been many failed attempts while trying to set up your email, it's possible you may get banned for a short while. If you suddenly can't access the hosting control panel (Plesk) and get a forbidden message, then you may have been banned temporarily.  In most cases the ban will be lifted within a short period of time. If you have repeated problems please contact our support department. We will assist with a speedy resolution of the problem. If you go to Google and do a search for 'What’s My IP?"  Google will reveal your public IP.  Please make a note of this, as well as the time you had problems, as we will be able to check these details within logs and verify the issue.