How Do I Change PHP Settings?

You can now customise the PHP settings for each of your sites or sub-domains. This includes the likes of max_input_vars (default = 1000), allow_url_fopen (default = off), display_errors (default = off) & short_open_tag (default = off)

For security reasons you can only select from a list of pre-defined options.

If something you need is not on the list, please email and let us know what you need and why.  We will endeavour to cater for all reasonable requests which won't compromise server security or performance.  Notes on the various settings are below. Please be aware that some settings such as register_globals may enable older sites to work, but will also make your site much easier to hack. As such, only enable these settings as a last resort.

To view or change the PHP settings for your hosting account:

1. Login to your hosting account on our website DDNS

2. Click on Products / Services on the left-hand side

3. Click Manage next to the account you want to manage.

4. Click Login To Plesk.

Note:  If you have more than one subscription in your account, select it from the drop down box in the top middle of the screen, just below where it says 'logged in as...'

5. Click on Websites & Domains tab.

6. Click Show More to expand additional menu options. (Note that each domain or sub-domain will have its own settins and you can also have different versions of php running per site)

7. You will see PHP Settings. Click this. Here you can make changes to many common settings from the drop down options.

8. Once you click OK, your settings will be saved and the web server will pick up the new settings within 15 minutes.