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  Email Hosting - Cheap and Reliable Australian Email Hosting
Jun 1st

Discount Domain Name Services (DDNS) provide good, reliable , cheap email hosting supported and hosted in Australia.

Have a look at our business email hosting plans   at $170.00 for 10 mail boxes . This works out at just $1.42 per mail box per month.
Our personal email account is $50.00 and this works out at just over $4 per month. Our email hosting is business grade and is what you need to run a successful business.
Included in our email hosting is spam and virus filtering .Thats right its included. Most other hosting companies charge and add on fee for this service.
Spam and virus filtering is standard as we want you to have a great email experience.

Where else can you buy email hosting that is Business grade and works on all devices and can be accessed anywhere around the world
We also do nightly backups for 30 days , so you can be secure in the knowledge that if something happens to your mail we will be able to help you.
This service is free. You will only pay if you need to have a restore done.
Ask our competitors like Crazy Domains, GoDaddy and VentraIP if they provide a back up service for free. I am sure you will find that there is a fee for this service
if they indeed offer it . Where we differ is we include all the services that these guys offer you as addons.
This is our difference.
Discount Domain Name Services is where you will find our email hosting is cheaper and you get all the tools you need . Our support team are very knowledgable and can help you with setting up
on multiple devices like Iphone, Ipads, tablets, android phones like Samsung and Google and of course your desktops.
Try us and you will discover great hosting products supported by great people in Australia. We are an Australian owned family business that works hard to help businesses large and small.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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