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  What is a Domain Name? - Website Name or Address Registration
Jun 1st

A Website Name or Address is known as a domain name. If you are new to getting on the internet with your business the first thing you will need is a website name or address which is called a domain name. You can look up a domain name at our website . I would check for a domain name that is not too long and is easy to spell.
For example you might be calling your business Courtney Consulting Solutions. It would be better to choose instead of . It still gives people an understanding of your business and is an easier website address to look up .
Once you have decided on your domain name you will need an ABN or ACN to do the registration.
You can apply for an ABN for free. This is the link,-Super-funds---Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/
If you are a sole trader or partnership you will need to register a business name . We recommend this site for business names . The link is
If you are going to register a company you can also do this at
Once you have your ABN or ACN you can go ahead and register your domain name at our website
If you have any issues or need to ask questions you can call us on 03 9815 6868.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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