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  Discount domain names in Australia
May 30th

Are you looking for the best registrar in Australia? Look no further than Discount Domain Name Services. We are regarded as providing the best customer support in Australia. We register Australian domain names as well as the International domain names too.We are an accredited registrar that connects directly to the Australian central ...

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May 24th

Discount Domain Name Services, as part of the Total Internet Group, are leaders in the industry following our full ISS certification by auDA. We were the first company to respond to auDA's calls that all registrars must be ISS compliant by October 2015. Discount Domain Name Services achieved ISS certification in December 2013. Well ahead of the ...

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  Australian Domain Registration Services - Search and register
May 23rd

Discount Domain Name Services provide domain registration services, website hosting and email hosting. We offer fast search and registration of available Australian & international domain names, plus affordable web hosting solutions. As an auDA accredited Australian domain registrar and the first to be ISS certified for data security, we ...

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  Domain names Australia low prices
May 23rd

Are you looking to get yourself a .au domain name? When it comes to security of your data and information,you can't beat our service levels. Please call our support centre anytime 1300 66 58 66.As accredited registrars we provide a level of service you can rely on. Discount Domain Name Serviceshas great prices and the best service ...

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  Australian Based Hosting Service
Apr 6th

DDNS operate a world class hosting service from Melbourne Australia. DDNS is family owned and 100% Australian. We provide local support and never use off shore call centres. We back up what we say with lifting higher then our competitors. Try us you will be pleasantly suprised as thousands of others have.

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  Changes to email settings
May 27th

As part of a drive to improve security we will be phasing out support for insecure 'legacy' connection methods by the end of August 2014 or sooner for some servers.We term a legacy connection where a client connect to our servers without the benefit of using encryption which allows for mail box credentials to be easily stolen. ...

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  Australian Domain Names Heartbleed bug
Apr 11th

Important Announcement: As has recently been reported, the OpenSSL cryptographic software library has been exposed to a huge “Heartbleed” bug that leaves the memory and private keys of web servers vulnerable to attackers who may gain access to user information, such as usernames, passwords and communication. Discount Domain Name ...

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  Australian Domain Names
Mar 31st

Are you looking to register an Australian domain name if you said yes then DDNS is regarded as one of the best registrars of Australian domain names. We are accredited .au registrars and are regulated by Auda the Australian domain name administration a not for profit company endorsed by the Australian government. We are also the first Australian ...

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  Free web hosting Australia
Mar 26th

Nothing in life comes for free? That's untrue. At Discount Domain Name Services, when you pay for web hosting in Australia, you get a number of extras included for FREE. Firstly, you get Web Presence Builder for FREE, which allows you to design your own website. Create the look and feel that you want for FREE! Then, you also get a FREE ...

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  Domain name registration Australia
Mar 26th

Australian domain name registration is made easy with Discount Domain Name Services. Right from your initial search to determine the availability of the name, to creating a fully functional website around that name, we have ensured that the process is simple and efficient. Our easy to navigate name search page will help you choose a domain name. ...

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