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  Cheap SSL certificates - Australian Hosting Company- Improve your ranking
May 17th

Buy your SSL cerficate from Discount Domain Name Services.We offer Cheap SSL certificates and we are an Australian Family owned company.
Google Chrome will be showing sites without an SSL certificate as insecure after July 1 2018. This looks to also be happening with Firefox,
Safari and Explorer as well.
This is not good for your business and will turn customers away. Once you buy and install an SSL certificate your site will show the green padlock
and customers will know your site is secure to visit.
It is no longer just sites with shopping carts that require an SSL . All websites will require one if they want to be trusted.
An SSL certificate will also help with your Google ranking.
If you are hosting your site with DDNS and you purchase your SSL certificate with us we will install your SSL certificate for FREE.
We are a Family Owned Australian company and our hosting services and support are all based in Australia.
Buy a Cheap SSL certificate from DDNS and move your hosting over to us and we will install your SSL certificate for FREE.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

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