Our extensive hosting facilities are housed in one of the most advanced data centres in Australia, located in Melbourne, close to the CBD.

These facilities give our customers better network frequency and improved service quality, as well as regular maintenance and service upgrades.

The data centre ensures total firewall monitoring and management, as well as instant detection of network intrusion, ensuring safe and reliable server deliverance.

The data centre ensures 24/7 security and fire monitoring staffed by Chubb Security Services.

The hosting service that Discount Domain Name Services provide is streamlined for greater customer service and minimal customer disruption, ensuring that you remain online at all times.

Discount Domain Name Services maintains a 10 Gig link.

Fire Suppression System

  • VESDA sensor equipment
  • Water fire suppression system
  • Local zoning (only floods hot spots)


  • 24 Hour on-site security
  • Access is via minimum two layer - MIL key locked doors
  • Monitoring is by time lapse video on all entry/exit points
  • Secure Hallam cabinets

Network Information

  • Fully redundant network
  • State of the art CISCO Routing and Switching
  • Congestion free
  • Three 155 Mbit STM-1 connections to Melbourne POP
  • Extensive peering in all states
  • Direct interstate connectivity


  • Secure MIL-Key Access and hand scanning
  • Substation within complex fed from ACTEW grid
  • 1 Hour UPS and backed by unlimited hour operation of generator
  • Non-essential services are directly powered from the generator in event of mains power failure (i.e. air-conditioning & lighting)
  • UPS capacity is 450 KVA
  • Diesel backup generator 905 KVA motor - 750 KW generator
  • 100,000 litres of regularly tested fuel available for generator

Environment Control

  • Redundant Air Conditioning
  • Humidity control
  • Under floor and ducted cabinet delivery

Server Information

  • Dell Poweredge R610 mains
  • Dell Poweredge R200 Gateways
  • Cisco Switching
  • Cyclades Alterpath
  • HP Proliant Back up, DNS Servers - Melbourne & San Francisco
  • Sans Storage Dell Equalogic PS4000