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Email Hosting - Cheap and Reliable Australian Email Hosting
Jun 1st
Discount Domain Name Services (DDNS) provide good, reliable , cheap email hosting supported and hosted in Australia.Have a look at our business email hosting plans   at $170.00 for 10 mail boxes . This works out at just $1.42 per mail box per month.Our personal email account is $50.00 and this works out at just over $4 per month. Our email ...
What is a Domain Name? - Website Name or Address Registration
Jun 1st
A Website Name or Address is known as a domain name. If you are new to getting on the internet with your business the first thing you will need is a website name or address which is called a domain name. You can look up a domain name at our website . I would check for a domain name that is not too long and is easy to spell. For ...
Discount domain names in Australia
May 30th
Are you looking for the best registrar in Australia? Look no further than Discount Domain Name Services. We are regarded as providing the best customer support in Australia. We register Australian domain names as well as the International domain names too.We are an accredited registrar that connects directly to the Australian central ...
May 24th
Discount Domain Name Services, as part of the Total Internet Group, are leaders in the industry following our full ISS certification by auDA. We were the first company to respond to auDA's calls that all registrars must be ISS compliant by October 2015. Discount Domain Name Services achieved ISS certification in December 2013. Well ahead of the ...